Health2047 Spins Out Health2047 SwitchCo, Inc.

New Company to Develop/Commercialize a Data Transport Network Purpose-built for Healthcare

Initial Funding and Key Executives Already in Place

MENLO PARK, Calif. — October 31, 2017 — Following 18 months of internal development, Silicon Valley-based innovation enterprise Health2047, Inc. today announced the formation of a separate entity called Health2047 SwitchCo, Inc. Building on initial work performed within Health2047, the newly spun-out company will commercialize a subscriber network for data transport that enables the secure permissions-based sharing of health data among patients, physicians, providers, payers, pharma and other healthcare enterprises.

Leveraging Health2047’s deep relationship with the American Medical Association (AMA), Health2047 SwitchCo benefits from the AMA’s knowledge, situational awareness and centrality in U.S. healthcare, as well as Health2047’s work with key strategic commercial partners to formulate a solution that enables data exchange in healthcare. Early Health2047 SwitchCo collaborators include Celgene Corporation.

Health2047 SwitchCo’s management team includes CEO Adriaan Ligtenberg, Ph.D., an accomplished entrepreneur, and CTO Charles Aunger, who previously served at Stanford Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and the National Health Service (NHS). Serving on the board are Health2047’s Chief Executive Dr. Douglass Given, AMA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President Dr. James L. Madara and Dr. Ligtenberg. An initial Series A funding of $10 million was recently completed through Health2047 along with $12 million of additional funds.

“Today represents a significant milestone for Health2047,” noted Given. “Our mission is to transform U.S. healthcare at the system level by developing and commercializing solutions in the areas of data liquidity, chronic disease reduction, radical productivity enhancement, and payment models. Health2047 SwitchCo is the first of what will be a number of independent companies focused on transformational business opportunities in the healthcare arena.”

About Health2047

Health2047 is a Silicon Valley-based innovation enterprise developing and commercializing solutions in the areas of data liquidity, chronic care, productivity, and payments to significantly change U.S. healthcare at the system level. The company’s deep relationships with both the American Medical Association (AMA) and its ecosystem partners create a unique force multiplier that helps drive large-scale changes in healthcare. For more information about the company, please visit