Our Mission

healthy returns

Health2047 helps early-stage startups transform bold ideas into healthy returns. Founded by the American Medical Association in 2016, we’re driven by an urgency to change healthcare for the better.

WHY 2047?

Transforming healthcare doesn’t happen overnight, but we believe change can and must happen in our lifetime.

Our goal is to make a meaningful and measurable impact on healthcare by the American Medical Association’s 200th anniversary in 2047. Because the future of healthcare starts now.

Innovation beyond the status quo

As a venture studio, we take a bespoke approach, tailoring our resources and services to fit your business and team. Our selective process ensures the greatest impact—not only on the companies we work with, but the broader healthcare system.

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What’s your bold idea?

Together, let’s transform healthcare from an industry into a system that works for everyone.

The Process

Investing in
healthcare’s future

We found, fund and scale companies on the cutting edge of transforming healthcare.

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Case Study: Health2047’s Model in Action

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HEAL Security is a cognitive cybersecurity intelligence platform custom-designed for the healthcare sector.


Charles Aunger


Founded 2021


HOPPR is transforming healthcare diagnostics with AI-driven medical imaging technology.


Khan M. Siddiqui, MD
Oliver Chen, MD
Robert Bakos
Gerry Stegmaier


Founded 2018