In partnership with the AMA, Health2047 is transforming healthcare at the system level.

We are seeking powerful ideas, industry partners, and bold entrepreneurs ready to address systemic transformation in four areas:

Data Liquidity

  • Access all the data needed to make a decision
  • Create clear data rights across data silos
  • Structure the unstructured data
  • Leverage existing infrastructure

Chronic Care

  • Focus on prevention to improve quality of life and lower costs
  • Develop accessible, affordable, and scalable solutions
  • Account for social determinants of health
  • Use remote delivery and monitoring models 

Radical Productivity

  • Empower decision makers to focus on patient outcomes
  • Capture real-world data for care, drug, and device innovation
  • Streamline workflows that reduce or eliminate wasteful repetition
  • Provide real-time insights employing AI and machine learning

Healthcare Value

  • Shift payments to work that creates value
  • Provide patients with information on availability, quality, and costs
  • Create simple scorecards linked to value creation
  • Give real-time feedback on incentives and penalty drivers

Health2047 exists because the health of our nation is at stake.

Together with the American Medical Association and its network of 240,000 physicians, we are creating powerful new businesses to tackle our largest healthcare challenges.

We support the AMA’s mission and strategic focus on:

  • Attacking the dysfunction in healthcare by removing whatever interferes with patient care
  • Improving the health of the nation by confronting the increasing chronic disease burden
  • Reimagining education, training, and lifelong learning for the digital age


  • Offers 21st century health services to underserved populations
  • Places physician-patient relationship at core of its care model
  • Takes a hyper-local community approach
  • Addresses the social determinants of health
  • Delivers preventative chronic care solutions
  • Scales DPP as initial focus
  • Personalizes the program at the community level
  • Collaborates with the AMA, CDC, JHBSPH
  • Provides a health data networking platform
  • Focuses on privacy and security
  • Facilitates movement of healthcare information
  • Specializes in connectivity, data services, applications
  • Liberates health data from inertia for real time insight and action
  • Provides complete data security
  • Delivers a scalable solution
  • Transforms the provider-patient experience


Forming transformational businesses that scale.

Health2047 is not an accelerator, lab, or incubator. Nurturing early stage ideas is just a small fraction of what we do. We harness Silicon Valley speed and pull together all the resources necessary to grow independent companies capable of transforming healthcare at the system level.

Overcoming the dysfunctions in our healthcare system requires a passionate, dedicated team armed with the right technology, business model, capital structure, and strategic partners.

That’s Health2047. We don’t get distracted by incremental efforts to augment industry solutions. Instead, we’re uniquely qualified to change the system from the inside out.

See all you can do with us:

Connect with expert AMA resources and potential investors
Involve key healthcare and tech giants and decision-making stakeholders
Learn from industry luminaries in healthtech and business format
Work with like-minded innovators in the heart of Silicon Valley
Partner with professionals aligned to your mission, vision, and style
Achieve investment goals and scale to sustainability