system-level thinking
new business models
better revenue flows
modular system solutions
multi-disciplinary teams
broad physician inclusion
strong partner ecosystems
people-first connected care

How can transform healthcare in the U.S.?

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This is a pivotal moment for US healthcare:

The disease burden is shifting from acute to chronic care

Health outcomes are incongruent with the spend

Despite technology all around us, we see system-wide productivity loss

Unprecedented regulatory change is creating new opportunities

Let’s face facts

A system designed for acute care is not equipped to succeed in today’s chronic care world.
It’s time to rethink the system.

New legislation alters the status quo across the entire healthcare continuum.
It’s time to let go of what’s not working.

Far too many promising technologies have proven ineffective in healthcare.
It’s time to collaborate across industries.

Health2047, together with its founding investor the American Medical Association, physicians from various geographies and specialty groups, and a growing ecosystem of innovation partners, is working to transform US healthcare.

Our goal is to co-create a highly functional, information-driven, value-based and market-driven healthcare system that delivers the quality, connectivity, health and productivity outcomes we have a right to expect. A system whose satisfied workforce and customers are empowered to drive and adopt life-changing innovations for decades to come.

Who we are

Visionary problem solvers

Our diverse backgrounds and talents contribute to Health2047’s success as an integrated innovation company. The one constant on our team is a keen desire to tackle big challenges; we are rethinking how physicians and individuals interact, architecting new solutions, building novel distribution systems, and working hand-in-hand with the AMA, physicians, providers, and the tech community to build a vibrant healthcare system. It will achieve growth in sustainability through commercial success.

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What we do

Challenge Conventions

Chronic care is a game changer. As we move from an “Admit to hospital” to an “Admit to home” world, healthcare will look different. Truth be told, conventional wisdom no longer applies. The only way to substantively improve healthcare outcomes over the next decade is to co-create a system of connected solutions that works well for physicians, community-based caregivers, providers, and individuals alike.

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How we do it

Rethink the system

It’s clear that putting Band-Aids on our highly fractured healthcare system won’t work. Revenue flows are fundamentally shifting in healthcare, so we must accelerate healthcare’s adoption of new technologies while also providing useful and disruptive capabilities to incumbents. To this end, we’ve engaged with the AMA and our partners to create solutions that form the strongest—and most flexible—foundation for US healthcare.

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