US healthcare is a $2 trillion industry with a $3 trillion price tag. Let’s get to work.

“I lead the largest physician association in the U.S. No one can do this alone.”
— Dr. James Madara, CEO, AMA

Health2047 Inc. is creating powerful new businesses to transform the $3 trillion healthcare industry at the system level. Health2047 Inc is a Silicon Valley business formation and commercialization enterprise focused on developing solutions for US healthcare’s four biggest problem areas: data liquidity, chronic care, productivity, security, and payments. And we’re not doing it alone. Top leaders in both technology and healthcare are joining us. Working together, the potential is exponential.

By 2047, we see a healthcare industry transformed in four strategic areas:

Health2047 - Data Liquidity Healthcare Icon


Improve data liquidity, rights, interoperability and security


Health2047 - Chronic Care Healthcare Icon

Chronic Care

Re-engineer care delivery


Health2047 - Radical Productivity Healthcare Icon

Radical Productivity

Apply AI, machine learning and other relevant technologies


Health2047 - Payment Reimbursement Healthcare Icon

Healthcare Value

Capitalize on revenue disruption opportunities


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