To make system-level changes in US healthcare, Health2047 and its ecosystem partners are working on disruptive and highly scalable solutions in four key areas: data liquidity, chronic care, productivity enhancement, and payment models.

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Data Liquidity

Providers streamline major administrative operations.

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Chronic Care

People achieve dramatically better health outcomes.

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Radical Productivity

Stakeholders gain greater results with lower overhead.

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Payment Reimbursement

Partners reap financial rewards for investments.

Enhanced Data Liquidity

We’ve got the technology. Let’s put it to work.

Data silos are crippling healthcare. Fifty percent of a physician’s time is spent wrestling with them. Only 30% is spent with patients. Giving people and their doctors faster, more accurate and secure access to data will not only benefit day-to-day care but also help meet some of the biggest research challenges we face at a population level.

Improved Chronic Care

The world is changing. Let’s get ahead of chronic conditions.

Healthcare’s acute-care approach won’t work in today’s chronic-care world. The U.S. healthcare system was architected to meet the demands of acute and episodic conditions. Today’s reality, however, is vastly different. “Admit to hospital” has been replaced by “admit to home.” An estimated 133 million Americans suffer from a chronic condition; that’s more than 40% of the population. And it’s only getting worse.

Radical Productivity Enhancement

Doctors are swimming in data-entry tasks. Let’s give them more time to care for people.

Longer days with less time to see patients contributes to rampant burnout in the profession. Left unchecked, the U.S. faces a projected 26,000 to 90,000 fewer physicians than the U.S. needs by 2025. Health2047’s goal is to give doctors an extra hour a day by intelligently leveraging time-saving technologies like AI and machine learning. One more hour a day to improve people’s lives, create opportunities for increased longevity, and deliver better care.

Updated Payment Models

Healthcare is transitioning to an outcomes-based world. Let’s model solutions for new revenue flows.

Changes in revenue flow within an industry present opportunities for big disruption (Think Uber and transportation, Apple and music, or Amazon and logistics.) As revenue flows change in healthcare, there will be huge opportunities for disruption as well.