Delivering comprehensive care to underserved communities.

We know 80% of clinical outcomes are attributable to social determinants. We understand too many Americans aren’t being served by existing health insurance plans. We see health technology failing to fulfill its promise in too many communities.

That’s why Health2047 launched Zing Health: To connect physicians and patients in places where the need is greatest — outside of a clinical setting — and offer a strategic, repeatable model that can scale to match the size of the problem.

With experienced entrepreneurs Dr. Eric Whitaker and Dr. Ken Alleyne, Zing Health is offering a Medicare Advantage plan built around community and member health outcomes.

Connecting physicians, patients, and possibilities

Zing Health uses technology to directly connect physicians with patients, rather than adding layers between them. In fact, Zing Health takes into account social context, nuances of local healthcare systems, and even a customer’s unique barriers to health in order to customize an individual health journey with the least amount of friction possible.

Health2047’s goal of transforming healthcare at the system level is a step closer as Zing Health scales to decrease burdens on both patients and physicians

Isolated point solutions in healthcare are not enough

The US healthcare system needs transformational change. Zing Health focuses on the entire healthcare ecosystem. It is designed from the ground up to address inadequacies in community healthcare, deliver real healthcare value, and produce better healthcare outcomes.

It starts with the customers themselves. They can personalize Zing Health’s Medicare Advantage plan to fit their standards and tastes. It continues with outreach. The program features community ambassadors, trained professionals who understand their local markets and work to ensure the lanes of communication stay open both ways. And it keeps going with providers and hospitals well-equipped to deliver superior care.

A collaborative, community-based approach

The first community Zing Health is serving is in Cook County, Illinois.

Each Zing customer has access to a local field care team focused on understanding Cook County’s unique needs. The Zing field team also embeds itself at partner hospitals to coordinate timely procedures and appropriate discharge practices.

As part of its collaborative, community-based approach, Zing Health partners with — and supports — local providers and physicians through transparent and more productive relationships that empower them with information and insights.

These partnerships will allow Zing Health to gather data from health assessments and situations that effect patient health and care efficacy. They use this valuable information to lower health risks for its members and provide physicians with resources to improve population health management. 

Affordable, accessible and repeatable

None of this is scalable, however, if the program isn’t affordable, accessible, and repeatable.

Zing Health is designed to meet those needs. As the company expands, it can locate care teams with additional community partners to collect real-time, on-the-ground data about members and deliver actionable insight to care providers. This helps Zing Health and partners together achieve better health outcomes by ensuring customers can access convenient and comprehensive care tailored specifically — not generally — to their needs.