Democratizing clinical trials

FDA statistics persistently indicate 3% of U.S. physicians and patients take part in research today, with most clinical trials conducted in academic healthcare systems that serve primarily urban populations and often do not include medically underserved populations. Potential study participants may be too far away from the nearest study center, while physicians whose practices are not part of large provider systems lack the underlying support systems, training, and resources required to function as a clinical trial site. Minority and other underrepresented patient populations take part in clinical studies at rates less than half of their representation in the broader population.

That’s why Health2047 launched SiteBridge Research: To address the lack of diversity in clinical trials. 

SiteBridge Research seeks to make clinical trials more accessible by empowering a broader set of physicians and their patients to take part in research through its novel ‘Trial-In-A-Box’ platform. The platform provides access to clinical research training, resources and support spanning the initial feasibility and site start-up through the full study delivery and close out. The team will offer flexible centralized and on-site support to remove administrative burdens and ensure that physicians can focus on supporting their patients.

Opening doors to more diverse real-world data and real-world evidence

SiteBridge Research is building a national network of small and community practices to deliver world-class industry sponsored clinical research on time and on budget, accelerating time to market and product adoption in communities that are hardest to reach.

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