Augmenting physicians’ ability to provide best-in-service care for their patients

According to the National Academy of Medicine, a diagnostic error will likely affect the health of every human being in our lifetime, sometimes with harmful consequences. A delayed or incorrect diagnosis occurs in up to 15% of cases. Moreover, diagnostic errors are the most expensive medical errors, with aggregate costs to the U.S. healthcare system estimated at between $250 billion to $500 billion annually. Concurrently, physicians face increasing cognitive task loads that can impinge performance.

That’s why Health2047 launched RecoverX: To address myriad challenges physicians face in caring for patients.

RecoverX develops evidence-based medicine (EBM) augmented intelligence (AI) technologies to support and enrich physicians’ decision-making. RecoverX provides evidence-based insights at the point of care and next-best-action suggestions for decision support in real-time and in context, taking signals from clinical charts, patient conversations, and test results. The company’s platform augments physicians’ ability to provide best-in-service care for their patients.

Technology to enhance accuracy

Leveraging robust and highly curated data to fuel its technology, RecoverX partnered with BMJ Best Practice to integrate its award-winning knowledge set into the platform.

RecoverX is transforming the way physicians practice, enabling better medicine by augmenting expert physician capabilities with evidence-based decision-support AI. 

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