Transforming care by harnessing the full value of data.

The amount of healthcare data is doubling every two years, but most of it sees limited use due to unnecessary constraints. For too long, health systems have been forced to use inefficient, complex workarounds for data access and/or application, compromising care and stunting innovation.

That’s why Health2047 launched Medcurio: To make it easy to access, use, and learn from data in real-time, profoundly transforming the provider and patient experience—in years, not generations.

Medcurio offers a completely novel way to access and act on healthcare data that is highly secure, codeless, self-serve, and scalable. Healthcare systems, technology partners, and payers gain approved access to appropriate information and drastically reduce time and resources needed to implement and maintain solutions.

Under the leadership of Geisinger and Sutter Health veteran Buzz Stewart and seasoned health system experts Kristen Wilson-Jones, Colin Parker, and Christa Bruce, Medcurio offers an instant data access solution that allows healthcare organizations to harness the full value of their data and improve patient outcomes.

Powering healthcare innovation while prioritizing privacy

Innovation requires easy, reliable, scalable and secure ways to effectively use data. Medcurio’s codeless APIs greatly curtail the need for infrastructure and support staff and reduce system and vendor data integration workload by an estimated 50% to 85% and reduces time to implementation by 90%.

The flexible data model enables permission-based access to all approved data for both healthcare system internal customers and technology partners. The self-serve solution allows requestors to identify the health data they need on their own, eliminating the need for most of the usual technical full-time employee support. Field-level privacy and security controls enable healthcare system administrators to easily approve and track when and how data are being used.

Medcurio moves Health2047 closer to its goal of developing system-level solutions to healthcare’s biggest challenges, by addressing healthcare data integration problems, making it easy to access, use, and learn from data in real-time.

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