Rethinking chronic care management

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We know diabetes is an epidemic that has plagued our communities for far too long, and we know physicians see it every day in their own patients. But there is a solution. The CDC’s approach to diabetes prevention works. In fact, it has been proven to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes by 58% compared to placebo, but it hasn’t scaled. To head off the predicted 50 million new cases of type 2 diabetes, First Mile Care was founded to make a scalable DPP platform available nationwide.

First Mile Care is a solution that tackles one of our key problem areas at scale — chronic care. An estimated 133 million Americans suffer from a chronic condition; that’s more than 40% of the population. And it’s only getting worse. We must move from concentrated and episodic physical sites of care to distributed and continuous care delivery. Programs such as First Mile Care provide physicians with a solution that’s available within their community and enables them to care for their patients with prediabetes more efficiently and serve more patients in the long term by reducing the amount of necessary follow-up appointments.

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You may also find more information about the initial launch and investment in First Mile Care in our announcement press release.