Cybersecurity is a constant arms race. Because of its continuous evolution, what firms have solved for today might be obsolete by tomorrow. But unfortunately, many media outlets don’t focus on the technical innovations of the industry and prefer to look at the failures of cybersecurity.

Instead of covering how encryption technology has evolved, media outlets cover how hackers have bypassed security measures. As a result, people may be less aware of what the current and future trends of cybersecurity and encryption are. To help educate and inform others, 14 experts from Forbes Technology Council explore the latest innovations and trends coming soon in the world of cybersecurity and why they are important.

4. More Customization And Smarter Solutions

The next big thing in cybersecurity will be responsive and predictive technologies underpinning sector-specific, real-time defense systems. There will be a shift away from reliance on one-size-fits-all security services and toward more intelligent and informative cybersecurity solutions customized to better engage, protect and serve particular industry ecosystems. – Charles Aunger, Health2047 – American Medical Association