AMA-backed Health2047 has its set its sights on addressing EHR integration, interoperability, and usability in its earliest provider-centric concept designs.

Improving healthcare interoperability will require innovators to move providers beyond their dissatisfaction with early EHR and health IT systems and adopt integrative technologies capable of improving care coordination, delivery, and cost.

According to most recent federal data, 97 percent of hospitals and 75 percent of office-based physicians use certified EHR technology. Despite of these high levels of EHR adoption, provider EHR dissatisfaction remains common and the contributing factors manifold.

Given the latter, how does the industry make good on its investments in health IT systems to achieve healthcare interoperability and enable providers and patients to work together to improve the health of individuals and populations?

At Health2047, the solution is bridging the gap between clinicians and developers. The for-profit integrated innovation company got its start thanks for $15 million in funding from founding partner, the American Medical Association (AMA). And its goal? To effect system-level change in United States healthcare, says CEO and Director Doug Given, MD…