Today Health2047 Inc. is launching Zing Health, community-focused, physician-led Medicare Advantage plan that addresses social determinants of health (SDOH). Co-founded by Health2047 with experienced entrepreneurs Dr. Eric Whitaker and Dr. Ken Alleyne, Zing Health will initially offer a Medicare Advantage plan built around community and member health outcomes to consumers in the Midwest. With significant seed funding, a passionate and seasoned founding team and major market interest in its community care model—which is focused on delivering care to diverse populations—Zing Health is embarking on a mission to drastically improve health outcomes in populations that are chronically underserved.

Given that 80% of clinical outcomes are attributable to social determinants, Zing Health’s approach acknowledges the importance of understanding a patient’s circumstances outside of a clinical setting and offers a strategic, repeatable model that can scale to match the size of the problem. Zing Health will connect necessary services directly with its customers by placing the patient-physician relationship at the core of its tech-enabled community care model. This approach stresses the importance of understanding social context, nuances of local healthcare systems and an individual’s unique barriers to health and aims to create a health journey with less friction.