Regardless of how great any innovation or new venture may seem when it comes to improving the healthcare system, physicians are key to the solution.

Removing the detrimental friction of challenges that manifest in impediments to physician practice, participation, and even solvency enables more diverse expressions of both provider care and medical sciences, ultimately generating. better healthcare.

Let’s dive in to a couple of specific examples.

Physicians and Practice

The practice of healthcare has never been easy, but in too many circumstances it’s become unnecessarily hard. The pandemic, for example, intensified what was already a growing existential threat to independent physician practice. In December 2020, the nonprofit Physicians Foundation reported that roughly 8% of physician practices surveyed were forced to close because of the pandemic. With mounting administrative burdens and increasing trends toward consolidation of large hospital and medical groups, it’s no wonder employed physicians now outnumber self-employed physicians in the United States.