Front-line physicians, entrepreneurs and developers share a passion about transforming health care. To harness this passion, the AMA offers the following additional resources to inspire innovations that will make the health system work better for everyone:

  • Physician Innovation Network, a collaborative online community where entrepreneurs, developers, and others consult with physicians to gain insight into emerging products aimed at improving, reshaping health care.
  • Privacy is Good Business: A case for privacy by design in app development, a reference on best practices for data collection and equitable data governance that will help developers integrate privacy-by-design into emerging mobile applications to strengthen patient and physician trust in digital health technology.
  • Health2047, a Silicon Valley-based innovation for-profit subsidiary of the AMA that cultivates a collaborative approach between health care and technology to build and scale the companies that can transform U.S. healthcare at the system level.
  • MATTER, Chicago’s health care technology incubator and the AMA work together to bring entrepreneurs and physicians together to accelerate the development of new technologies, services, and products.