Health2047 maintained momentum in Q3 of 2019

Dr. Lawrence Cohen
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As fall begins, we’d like to recap some Health2047 highlights from what’s been a very productive and busy summer season.

We just launched Zing Health, a new kind of tech-enabled health plan for those underserved by existing insurance offerings. Co-founded with experienced entrepreneurs Dr. Eric Whitaker and Dr. Ken Alleyne, Zing Health will focus its initial efforts in the Midwest, enacted as a community-focused, physician-led Medicare Advantage plan designed to address social determinants of health.

We also recently added four industry experts to our advisory board — Charles Hoyng, Jay Kaminski, Georgia Papathomas, and Craig Taylor. Their vast knowledge and experience help Health2047 drive system-level solutions across our four target areas: data, chronic care, radical productivity, and healthcare value. We’re thrilled to have attracted such an accomplished group of advisors, who will help us expedite meaningful market innovations and impact.

Our advisors have decades of experience in medicine, AI, machine learning, market adoption strategies, IT management, venture investing and public health. Charles brings over 30 years of experience in counseling the development, protection, manufacture and distribution of medical diagnostic products. Jay brings nearly 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry covering a broad range of therapeutic areas. Georgia brings over 40 years of experience in life sciences, telecommunications and technology. Craig brings over 40 years of experience in venture capital focusing on life science companies that span research tools, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With Charles, Jay, Georgia and Craig joining our advisory board we are more committed than ever to launching solutions that will shape the next-generation of healthcare.

We’ve received great coverage in Becker’s Hospital Review. Managing director Jack Stockert highlighted our relationship with the AMA and how the physician-patient relationship is at the center of everything we do. The AMA’s mission is to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. Health2047 is leveraging capital and ideas from the market to create scale while partnering with the AMA to transform the U.S healthcare industry. We get to witness this transformation of a frustrating system in a thoughtful and unique way.

At Becker’s Hospital Review’s 10th Annual Meeting, I talked about our ecosystem of players and our approach to spinning out companies. To solve the massive problems we face in healthcare today we need a convergence of ideas. The ecosystem must involve physicians, payers, product companies, technology experts and patients. From there we find the problems that need to be addressed so we can spin out transformational companies. We focus on the problems, not the solutions – what are the structural problems that we have to create solutions for.

AMA president Patrice Harris discussed how the AMA, with Health2047, is bringing the physician voice into the innovative technology space. We are inspired to develop and scale companies that resolve hurdles in healthcare delivery. Our initial spinouts — First Mile Care, a diabetes prevention platform, and Akiri, a cloud network for health data — directly address critical system needs. Health2047’s alignment with the physician-patient relationship brings meaningful results from the leading edge of technology and innovation.

Our director of Product, Warren Templeton, wrote an article in Medical Economics about health tech entrepreneurship in the digital age and how doctors are being encouraged to seize the moment as a new breed of tech founders with innovative solutions. One challenge for health-tech companies is the difference between payment structures across industries. Health tech entrepreneurs want to deliver digital innovation that will better the lives of patients but there needs to be adaptation to remove the roadblocks digital innovation faces in order to flourish in healthcare.

Health2047 has kept busy during the summer months and there is much more to come from us during the fall. We are honored to be the locus of great talent and thought leadership that further validates our mission — to catalyze fundamental transformation in U.S. healthcare.

— Lawrence Cohen is CEO at Health2047.

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