No accelerator, lab, or incubator could do this.

Health2047 is not trying to update the U.S. healthcare system.

We are working with the American Medical Association to transform it altogether.

Our organization provides unmatched access to the AMA’s 240,000 U.S. physicians.

We are staffed with industry luminaries in everything from artificial intelligence to public health.

Because of our collaborative approach between healthcare and technology, Health2047 can build companies no other organization can.

We find, form, and scale the companies transforming U.S. healthcare at the system level.

Health2047 stands up and spins out several transformative healthcare companies every year.

We have already spun out a variety of portfolio companies in these areas of focus:

Enabling data to flow wherever it’s needed to power health and care

Focusing on prevention to improve the quality of life and lower costs

Inventing workflows that free physicians to focus on patient outcomes

Shifting payments to healthcare work that creates the highest value

By 2047, America will lead the world in all major healthcare metrics.

Today, the U.S. lags most industrialized countries in positive health outcomes from infant mortality to life expectancy. Preventative medicine is underfunded. Patients are overwhelmed. Physicians are burning out. Together with the American Medical Association and its network of 240,000 physicians, we’re seeking powerful ideas, industry partners, and bold entrepreneurs in healthcare to transform the system.
What’s your big idea?

Incremental improvements are not in our DNA.

Health2047 companies work to break the curve, not just bend it. That means they must have a differentiated solution, an outstanding team, and a compelling value proposition that addresses a massive market opportunity. We need to change the system at its foundation. That includes companies removing obstacles and burdens that interfere with people getting optimal care. It also includes companies improving overall health outcomes.
How will you break the paradigm?

We are guided by the centrality of the physician-patient partnership.

Health2047 was founded by the American Medical Association as an innovation enterprise to save healthcare by the physician group’s 200th anniversary. Health2047 is no mere accelerator, lab, or incubator. Nurturing early-stage ideas is just a small fraction of what we do. We create new ideas ourselves or assist experienced entrepreneurs to incorporate the health care knowledge to make them bigger. Then we continue to support our companies to ensure they succeed.
What do you need to succeed?

Data liquidity, chronic care, workflow freedom, and value payments.

Our system of healthcare has warped far beyond the physicians serving in it, let alone the patients it’s meant to serve. Files lock patients out of critical data. Institutions are designed to care for acute rather than chronic diseases. Technology often drains staff productivity rather than improving it. Insurance pays for services, not outcomes. Health2047 is focused on creating new companies in these four areas to transform healthcare at the system level.
What are you focused on changing?

We think big, because the scale of the solution must match the size of the problem.

We apply the innovator’s mindset to healthcare’s largest challenges, fueling discoveries and insights that will change public health and medicine as well as the way we make diagnoses, utilize technology, conduct research, and provide care in a chronic care world. Many companies chip away at the edges, but the companies Health2047 creates attack the really big problems, like how to cut the system burden of diabetes in half.
How much are you ready to change?

No single company can transform U.S. healthcare at the system level.

Varied perspectives aligned against common problems can create new networks, connections, and solutions to tackle the new developing problems in health, care, and delivery. We collaborate closely with organizations like Celgene, Nasdaq, UnitedHealth, provider systems, and others who have the desire and the ability to work with us on addressing our largest healthcare system challenges.
Who is your ideal partner?