Health2047 is an integrated innovation company whose mission is to develop, guide, and commercialize disruptive ideas that enhance — at the system level — the practice of health care.

Collaborating closely with others, we are creating a better future for health care. By 2047, we see a U.S. health care industry in which:

  • Individuals achieve dramatically better health outcomes
  • Physicians enjoy significantly greater job satisfaction
  • Providers streamline major administrative operations
  • Partners reap financial rewards for their investments

Health2047’s innovation studio is the first of its kind in health care

Our relationship with the AMA creates a unique force multiplier that helps us drive system-level change.

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The physician perspective informs every major step of our design process. Physicians submit ideas. Physicians inform concepts. Physicians test prototypes. Physicians gain early access to transformative solutions.

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Health2047’s innovation studio has unique access to the American Medical Association and its network of key industry opinion leaders. This includes subject matter expertise derived from the AMA’s 230,000-plus direct physicians and medical student members as well as the knowledge gained by AMA’s convening of the House of Medicine.

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Our multi-disciplinary approach to projects encourages teams to think differently about solving today’s most important health care challenges. We hire designers, engineers, social scientists, applied researchers, and even game developers to collaborate with all of our stakeholders. Those include physicians, of course, but also health care providers, venture capitalists, regulatory and policy experts, technology providers, and individuals.

Together, we turn good ideas into brilliant solutions, ready for a $3+ trillion market in the US. And we’re doing it by challenging conventions.

The creative process of Health2047’s innovation studio is multidisciplinary and design-centric

We employ a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that non-viable solutions are quickly eliminated. For concepts deemed worthy, Health2047 Studio assigns a team to rapidly research, explore, iterate, and transform them into solution prototypes.

Our teams think and work differently, giving each project 30 days to determine whether the project’s potential is transformative. We then either invest another 60 days in the project, or archive it and move on. These resource constraints force teams to rapidly develop a deep understanding of where the value lies and focus on the white spaces—those aspects of the solution that have not been addressed successfully elsewhere.

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