Stephen Wong

Stephen Wong is advising Health2047 Inc. in medical informatics and architecture of integrated clinical solutions. He is department chair and professor for systems medicine and bioengineering at Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI); Chief Research Information Officer, Chief of Medical Physics and head of the informatics development department at Houston Methodist; and professor of Weill Cornell Medicine. Stephen focuses on research in bioinformatics, biomedical imaging, systems biology, drug discovery, and healthcare IT. He also conducts big data analysis and artificial intelligence for healthcare and operational efficiency and develops innovative informatics solutions and apps in both healthcare and life sciences. Previously, he was a professor at UCSF and Harvard University, handling major medical information and imaging system design and implementation at UCSF, Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Stephen has also served in technical and executive roles in major technology-driven companies including HP, AT&T Bell Labs, Philips Healthcare (enterprise-wide healthcare solutions, Holland) and Charles Schwab, where he developed and produced an electronic trading platform. Stephen was appointed an IEEE fellow for leadership in drug discovery, systems biology, bioinformatics and health analytics. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Lehigh University and senior executive education from Stanford University, MIT and Columbia University.