Enabling data liquidity in a privacy-compliant health data exchange

Healthcare data is exchanged in massive volumes but in a fragmented market with immense friction and a lack of trust. This hurts liquidity, efficiency, and the exchange of quality healthcare information.

That’s why Health2047 launched HXSquare: To address data silos and enable the robust, scalable, secure and privacy-compliant exchange of data.

HXSquare is a company created to evaluate and develop a privacy-compliant health data exchange between eligible healthcare industry stakeholders. With this venture, Health2047 Inc., Health2047 Capital Partners and Nasdaq Ventures aim to create a secure data exchange that benefits healthcare patients, physicians, researchers, and other applicable industry participant by enhancing clinical decision support, accelerating R & D and mitigating risk. Building a new exchange and OTC, two-sided market for health data will create transparency, democratize access, establish fair pricing metrics and provide valuable insights to all participants.

For more information on HXSquare, visit www.hxsquareinc.com.