2022 Year in Review

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Dr. M Christine Stock reflects on the frank discussions she’s had with innovators over the past year. Thank you to all of our guests for coming on the show and to all our listeners for tuning in! Happy Holidays!

Starting timestamps by guests:
2:00 Dr. Cheryl Rucker-Whitaker, Complete Care Management Partners
4:19 Buzz Stewart, Medcurio
8:55 Dr. Mira Irons, College of Physicians of Philadelphia
11:25 Yuri Goryunov, McKinsey & Company
13:09 Dr. Mike Rakotz, American Medical Association
16:45 Dr. Art Combs, FutureTech Strategies, Inc.
20:39 Dr. Peter Kim, Activ Surgical
24:01 Dr. Clyde Yancy, Northwestern University
30:54 Tina Burbine, Healthlink Advisors
24:13 Dr. Sala Webb & Marisa Wiesel, Aetna & Better Health of Ohio, OhioRISE
39:20 Kornelius Bankston, TECHPlug

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