Pitch & Prep Guidelines: Podcast

Producer’s Note:

So You Want to Transform Healthcare features candid conversations with leaders operating at the intersection of healthcare and technology-enabled innovation. It explores the many avenues through which innovators are transforming healthcare.

Most of our episode topics and guests are curated by us, but we do consider pitches for guests and topics. We will respond if the guest or topic meets our criteria and interest. To send us a pitch, email podcasts@health2047.com with the topic of discussion and guest credentials. Please include the guest’s bio, any materials the guest may have authored on the topic, and why they would be the best person to speak on the specific topic. 

Who and what we’re looking for on the So You Want to Transform Healthcare podcast: 

  • We are on a mission to find clear and compelling solutions to critical problems in healthcare and are looking for guests that have demonstrated healthcare, technology, and corporate leadership experience. 
  • We believe in change at the system level, and therefore prefer discussions about solutions that effect transformative change, although we occasionally include discussions about solutions that provide incremental improvements. We prefer not to discuss point-to-point solutions. 
  • We look to interview leaders at the intersection of healthcare and technology-enabled innovation focused in the areas of data, chronic care, and productivity, leaders who transform healthcare through novel channels, and leaders whose solutions improve health equity.
  • We are interested in speaking with entrepreneurs who have innovative healthcare ideas that can transform US healthcare at the system level.
  • Entrepreneurs that can express their businesses’ compelling value proposition, how it disrupts the current standard solutions, and how it will act as a model to address massive market opportunities are encouraged to share their story. 


What to expect


  • We release episodes once a month on the third Tuesday of each month
  • Episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length 
  • If accepted, Dr. Stock will coordinate three meeting times
    • 1. Brief introductory meeting to talk about the podcast in general, and to confirm that the guest is a good fit for the podcast
    • 2. An hour-long prep meeting about podcast episode content, best practices and to finalize the episode topic (the guest will be asked to review an episode content outline that Dr. Stock drafts based on the prep conversation)
    • 3. A 60-min episode recording appointment–audio only.

Prep tips for guests:

  • We will schedule an introductory call a few weeks before the episode recording where the guest and Dr. Stock will discuss topics and develop an outline of the episode
  • Remember, podcasts are not recorded live — you can do do-overs while recording
  • To keep the conversation engaging, do not read from notes; however, feel free to have some key points, data, or anecdotes on a post-it or in mind that you want to hit
  • We use RINGR to record the podcast episode; guests should sign onto the RINGR app from Google Chrome ONLY 
  • During the recording:
    • For best sound quality, please use a hard-wired microphone — no speaker phone and no wireless mic
    • Turn off notifications on your computer
    • There is no video, come as you are!


  • We edit to maintain a high bar and quality for listeners
  • We edit for clarity, flow, and understanding 
  • Our podcast is a friendly space 
  • Guests will have an opportunity both while live and immediately after recording to flag any glaring issues that we may fix in editing. Our goal is to create a podcast episode of which the guest will be proud.