Health2047 Team - Norm Winarsky


Norman Winarsky

Norman is an Advisor to Health2047 Inc. in Venture Development and Commercialization, having helped found over 30 companies in areas ranging from artificial intelligence and natural language to medical devices, robotics and nanotechnology. As past President of SRI Ventures, Norman built SRI’s complete venture process from concept to marketplace – including team building, seed funding, investor identification and launch. Norman’s passion is to help create breakthrough ventures that can substantially improve the way people live and work. He was co-founder and board member of Siri, guiding the company to a successful acquisition by Apple. Norman currently lectures at Stanford Graduate School of Business and recently co-authored “If You Really Want to Change the World: A Guide to Creating, Building, and Sustaining Breakthrough Ventures.” Norman earned his PhD in mathematics from the University of Chicago, is an Emmy award winner, was National Science Foundation fellow, and member of the National Academy’s Committee on Forecasting Disruptive Technologies.