On today’s episode of Healthcare Weekly, Larry Cohen, the CEO of Health2047 talks about his company’s goal to transform the medical industry from the ground up.

Health2047 focuses on four main groups: data liquidity, chronic care, radical productivity, and healthcare value. They tackle some of the biggest healthcare challenges in partnership with the American Medical Association (AMA), the parent company of Health2047.

Why the name Health2047? Because in 2047, America will lead the world in all major healthcare metrics. This company has some huge goals and they are well on their way to achieving them.

Listen to this episode to learn about:
• What Health2047 does and how the AMA plays a part in the company.
• How does Health2047 work and how is it structured?
• The four companies involved with Health2047 and their roles.
• Who should reach out to have an exploratory conversation with Health2047.
• The advancement of digital services assisting senior citizens.
• The biggest hurdles to overcome when launching a new technological solution for physicians.
• Some of the concerns that come up from a physician’s perspective when adopting new technologies.
• Health2047’s plan to announce one major partnership per quarter. How does that work?
• The most exciting trends that’s changing the healthcare system.