Silicon Valley-based Health2047—the wholly-owned innovation subsidiary of the AMA created to overcome systemic dysfunction in the U.S. health care—is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

As the AMA began to sharpen numerous small, disconnected AMA goals into bigger, more focused goals, these larger aspirations often required technical components of more industrial scale. Thus, as the AMA l set large strategic goals within its existing walls, it was also believed that an independently operating, for-profit company creating innovative, system-level solutions focused on the patient-physician interaction would complement and enhance what was happening within the AMA.

Health2047 is an “innovation shop that feels like Silicon Valley, but connected to an iconic organization that is focused exclusively on health care,” AMA Executive Vice President and CEO James L. Madara, MD, said in a recent podcast, “Transforming Healthcare from the Inside Out.” The episode is part of Health2047’s podcast series “So You Want to Transform Healthcare.”