The cornucopia that is the annual HIMSS conference and tradeshow – healthcare technology’s biggest event – is behind us, but what’s left in the wake is wonderful, inspiring even, if not a bit overwhelming. The reactions to this year’s event have been overwhelmingly positive. Interoperability in the form of data sharing and a ban on patient health information blocking by CMS (through proposed rules released the first day of HIMSS) set the tone.

Charles Aunger, Health2047
Security awareness is on the rise in every area of healthcare, not just data. Healthcare organizations that lack the technology and manpower to put the necessary securities in place need to partner with the right organizations in order to keep up. Artificial Intelligence is not a standalone solution. It holds promise for building technologies and tools, but as of now AI’s ROI is found in the back office. Instead of transforming patient care, its current focus is on workforce optimization. The patient and the care team should not be seen as two separate entities. Patients must take a central role in driving their own care.