Health2047, the American Medical Association’s innovation enterprise, announced on Feb. 27 its fourth spinout company: Medcurio, which develops software to improve healthcare organizations’ data access and usage.

Medcurio is led by CEO Walter “Buzz” Stewart, PhD, who previously served as chief research officer at Sacramento, Calif.-based Sutter Health and associate chief research officer at Danville, Pa.-based Geisinger Health System, where he also founded the Center for Health Research.

Medcurio’s software offers care teams simplified, self-serve access to approved de-identified patient data, eliminating the need for extraneous data support roles and allowing for immediate access to requested data.

“Vast amounts of useful healthcare data are constantly being collected, but most of it remains inaccessible beyond siloed applications, and we need a solution to leverage its full value,” Health2047 CEO Lawrence Cohen said in the announcement. “Our spinout of Medcurio is a critical step in enabling data liquidity and giving healthcare organizations the ability to instantly access all data needed to derive insight and make decisions, without compromising patient data privacy.”